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Automotive Carburetor Base Gasket
Automotive Carburetor Base Gasket

Carburetor base gaskets are available in many shapes and sizes,in order to fit different sizes and styles of carburetors. The base gasket sits on the top mounting surface, of the intake manifold. It is then followed by the thick heat dissipating block, and another base gasket, on top of that. The carburetor goes on top of this final gasket, where it is tightened, using nuts to around 20' pounds of torque. Making sure the nuts are tightened to the correct specification, ensures a tight fit of all the parts,in order to prevent leaks.

Without the base gasket, the carburetor may experience air leaks, between the metal plate and the carburetor. Base gaskets are made out of many different materials including cork, rubber, synthetic paper, and other soft materials that will separate the carburetor, from the intake manifold. Some base gaskets require the use of sealer, which is applied on the gaskets, before they are sealed. Base gaskets are commonly replaced once their seal is broken,in order to ensure a snug fit of the components, when they are secured again.

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