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Car Stereo
Car Stereo

Car stereos are used in a vehicle to provide entertainment, traffic information, and important public addresses. Modern vehicles almost always include a complete system of some kind from the factory when the car is assembled. This is referred to as the 'stock' system, or OEM system. These systems can be supplied by an exclusive vendor to the manufacturer to their specification, or other company that specializes in design or production of such equipment. Additionally, there is a large market of products sold directly to consumers to replace, upgrade, or expand the vehicle's stock sound system capabilities. These aftermarket car stereos come in many different sizes and configurations so that you can pick a stereo which fits your specific application. Over the years, car stereo systems have incorporated many new features such as LCD screens, multiple disk capabilities, Bluetooth, and USB ports to that IPods and other MP3 players can be hooked up to it. These high tech features are designed to make the car stereo more user friendly and versatile. Some vehicle with car stereos might incorporate more luxurious features such as steering wheel controls so that the driver doesn’t have to take their attention off the road to change between songs or stations.

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