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Automotive Brake Hardware Kits
Automotive Brake Hardware Kit (Drum Brakes)

Brake hardware kits contain any necessary parts needed, in order to replace the hardware in a brake system, per wheel or axle. On a drum brake the brake hardware kit will usually contain the adjusting screw, return springs, hold down parts, shoe pins and anything else your vehicle would require to be replaced. On a brake rotor the kit would usually contain dust boots, anti-rattle spring, caliper bolts/pins and anything else your vehicle would require to be replaced.

Brake hardware kits are not normally included when you purchase a new set of pads/shoes. When you replace your brake pads/shoes it is a good idea to replace all the parts that come in a brake hardware kit as well. They are not all that expensive and can save you from having a part failure and a vehicle that doesn’t operate properly.

In a disc brake the common failure places are corroded hardware which causing pulling and uneven pad wear, rubber seals/boots corrode and fail causing noise and brake drag and the metal springs/clip wear out causing vibration.

In a drum brake the common failure places are weak return springs from age and use, the shoes no longer retract causing brake drag and allowing air to be sucked into the wheel cylinder causing sloppy brakes.

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