Brake Fluid Reservoirs

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Automotive Brake Fluid Reservoirs
Automotive Brake Fluid Reservoirs

Brake fluid reservoirs hold fluid for use, when using the brakes. It is very important to have a properly functioning brake fluid reservoir, a leak in this component can cause brake failure. You should check the fluid level in your brake fluid reservoirs regularly to ensure that the proper amount of fluid is in the system. To do this most vehicles have a see through brake fluid reservoir that shows a maximum and minimum fill line, you need to keep the fluid within those lines.

Your brake fluid reservoir is usually located in the engine compartment on the driver's side near the firewall. The reservoir looks small compared to other reservoirs in your engine compartment and has a screw cap on top. Wait until the engine is cool before opening the brake fluid reservoir. The instructions on the cap or on the reservoir will tell you what DOT type of brake fluid to use, it is important to use the proper DOT fluid in your vehicle. If the instructions are not legible or missing check the owners manual for your vehicle or call a dealer, never guess. Cleaning off the cap before you open it helps keep the brake fluid clean and free of contaminants including moisture, which if able to enter the system can make your brakes work less efficiently and even corrode the interior of your brake system or lead to a failure of your anti-lock braking system.

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