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Automotive Brake Conversion Kit

Brake conversion kits are designed to replace the drum brakes on a vehicle, with disc brakes. Disc brakes offer many advantages over drum brakes such as better cooling, wet recovery time and pad wear. Typical brake conversion kits include everything you need to upgrade your front or rear brake system. This would include rotors, calipers, brake hose, relocation brackets, master cylinder, brake booster and all hardware. Some brake conversion kits will come with more and some with less, it is all dependent on your vehicle.

If your vehicle is equipped with drum brakes and you decide to increase the performance of your vehicle then a brake conversion kit would be a wise installation. The original drum brakes are not intended to stop a modified vehicle traveling at top speed, they will overheat causing brake fade which is when you step on the brake pedal but the brakes are so hot that the friction material cannot generate enough resistance to slow the vehicle. Even if your vehicle is not modified disc brakes have an advantage in wet conditions. Water reduces the effectiveness of the friction material on the brake pads in drum and disc systems. The advantage of disc brakes is that as the wheel spins it is throwing the water off the disc which reduces the amount of water touching the pad, in a drum system the water can get stuck in the drum especially if they are worn and will reduce the effectiveness of the brake pad.

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