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Gauges & Accessories- Boost/Turbo/Blower Gauge
Gauges & Accessories- Boost/Turbo/Blower Gauge

The boost gauge also known as the turbo gauge, is designed for vehicles that feature a turbo or supercharged engine, regardless of whether they were factory installed or aftermarket. The boost gauge is used in internal combustion engines,in order to monitor the air pressure within the manifold, turbocharger, or supercharger. Its purpose is to ensure excessive pressure is not being generated if the boost pressure were to be elevated to higher levels, than the original equipment. The boost gauges monitors these pressures, using the engines vacuum system. In the event the engine was to exceed the original equipment manufacturers limits, it could cause serious damage to the vehicles engine. The typical booster meter contains a range between -30 inches of mercury, to 30 PSI of boost, and the configurations come in either PSI or BAR models. The boost gauge id typically installed in the driver’s side pillar, or on the top of the dashboard.

There are two types of boost gauges; the mechanical meter, and the electronic gauge. The mechanical boost gauge is relatively simple to install. It requires splitting the vacuum line and inserting a T-Fitting; then the vacuum hose is run directly to the back of the boost gauge, where it measures and reflects the vehicles pressure. The electronic gauge requires the vacuum line be run to an electronic sender, which then runs a sender wire to the gauge itself. The electronic gauge benefits from the mechanical gauge in that it ensures the vacuum line does not get pinched from the firewall, as well as it prevents any loss of vacuum pressure that could occur when the line is ran all the way to the back of the gauge unit.

A popular and useful accessory to the boost gauge is the electronic boost controller. The boost controller’s purpose is to prevent the engine from serious damage by allowing the driver to control the boost level, coming from the intake manifold. This allows the driver the choice to either stop the boost from reaching higher levels than the original equipment manufacturers desired, as well as increase the boost levels, to allow more turbo boost. When increasing the boost levels of the vehicle, it is important to do so within the limits of the engine.

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