Body Trim Molding

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Body Trim Molding
Body Trim Molding

Body trim molding is a strip of material, which spans the length of the vehicle,in order to make the vehicle look more appealing, and prevent dings or scratches to the vehicle's paint. This molding is typically made out of a strong plastic,and matches many of the other plastic components on the vehicle. There are some aftermarket metal moldings that are available and these are finished in something like chrome to really add some eye appeal to the vehicle. This aftermarket trim can be cut to side and applied with a light adhesive that won’t damage the vehicles paint. The main purpose of adding body trim is to protect the panels from any damage that may occur if the door is opened into a pole, or if another door is swung open into the side of the car. To provide maximum protect for the entire door, the trim should be ran directly down the center of the door so that it will deflect any flat surface that it comes in contact with.

Trim that runs around the wheel wells is also popular on many vehicle. This trim protects the sharp edges on the body from getting chipped by rocks that can be thrown up by the tires. Body trim was once an added component on almost all cars, but many modern day vehicles have gotten away from trim because it can interfere with the cars styling and it is an added cost that manufactures were able to cut.

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