Body Styling Scoops

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Body Styling Scoops
Body Styling Scoops

Body styling scoops are commonly installed on sports cars,and are used to increase a vehicles performance, or make the vehicle look more appealing. These scoops are located on the side of the car, or on the roof, since there is typically a hood scoop already there, and other scoops are built in to the vehicle's front end. Many of these high performance vehicles use the air flow from the scoop to cool components such as the engine and breaks. Air can be sent across the entire vehicle through tubes which will direct the cool air on the desired component that needs it.

Many vehicles have started incorporating these scoops around the vehicle to provide a meaner look. These scoops that are only made to increase the vehicles looks don’t have any tubing or holes that lead the air to particular components. These fake scoops are available as an aftermarket accessory that can easily be attached to any spot of the vehicle without having to drill or do serious fabrication like you would if real scoops were installed. Most of these aftermarket scoops are fiberglass or plastic and come ready to paint so that it can be correctly matched to any type of vehicle.

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