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About Us

Our odor eliminator products use revolutionary new CLO2DMG Technology™ technology that facilitates the use of Chlorine Dioxide, one of the strongest yet safest industrial quality odor removal chemicals known. It will safely and easily eliminate any severe odor including cigarette odor and cigar smoke, skunk odor, pet urine odor, vomit odor, soured milk odor, musty stale odors, etc.

The world's best patented portable Chlorine Dioxide Vapor Generator!

Easy to use, just follow the simple directions and let it work on its own. At last clean air in your home! Say goodbye to bad odors in your home or car!

100% guaranteed or your money back!

Safe for people, pets, and the environment.

About CIO2

Chlorine dioxide (ClO2) is a potent odor eliminating gas with strong oxidizing properties. An "oxidizing agent" removes electrons from reactive molecules. By this process, ClO2 uses oxygen to break up the odor quickly neutralizes and eliminates permanently. Chances are that you've used oxygen before: "Oxy-Clean" is an example of oxygen use that cleans.

Unlike most other chemical deodorizers, Chlorine Dioxide degrades very quickly into too simple salts and water (often within hours and in direct sunlight within seconds). Under the best conditions, it is unlikely to last even a few days. As a product, it has no shelf life. That means that you can't just buy some ClO2 in a bottle. And for that reason has never really been available to consumers.

Some manufacturers sell what they call "Stabilized Chlorine Dioxide" -- this is not the same. All of our products generate "Active" ClO2, which is more effective. We use proprietary technologies and formulations to "generate" the ClO2 right when you need it.

Chlorine dioxide was first discovered in 1811 by Humphrey Davy.

Today, ClO2 is extensively used as a bleaching agent in the pulp and paper industry instead of chlorine, since chlorine was found to produce carcinogens. Some newer applications for ClO2 include the treatment of fish, poultry and seafood, in the meatpacking plants and canning industry. Until recently, however, chlorine dioxide was not available for use on a "small-scale" or for topical application because the gas must be generated at the point of use and could not be easily transported.

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