BedBag Disposable Truck Bed Liner

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BedBag is a low cost, disposable trash liner that is fitted for the bed of a truck. It uses traditional type trash can liner design with a large draw string that with one pull it and its contents can be thrown away. BedBag offers compactness, portability, and suitability for pickup truck owners. Not only does the BedBag help you for quick clean up, it also reduces scratches in your bed or fixed liner which helps resale by reducing the wear and tear on your truck. The BedBag’s compact design allows it to be stored in the truck cab for those unforeseen times its use is needed. It is already assembled and can be placed on a truck in less than 2 minutes. The BedBag can also be used to secure cargo, such as mulch, just pull the draw string to prevent blowing out.

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Tools Needed

  • No tools needed.

Level of Expertise Needed

  • No special skills required

How Do I Install This

  • BedBag is already assembled and can be placed on a truck in less that 2 minutes by placing in the bed of your truck and securing it around the perimeter of the bed of the truck.

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