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About Us

Beam's has built a successful business on creating a great employee experience that then leads to a great customer experience. Their success is achieved through extreme manufacturing flexibility, a great culture, and extensive product application and engineering knowledge. Their highest priority is to ensure the products they manufacture meet all industry or federal regulations to keep you safe.

Beam’s Industries started out in 1953 as a seat cover manufacturer and installer. In 1955 Ford Motor Company offered factory installed seatbelts as an accessory in new vehicles which launched Beam’s into the seatbelt manufacturing business. By the late 1950’s safety directors in the military along with doctors and industrial relations directors were searching for companies that manufacture seatbelts. Beam’s quickly became recognized as the leader in providing seatbelts to the military and industry for retrofitting in passenger cars. Through the next two decades the seatbelt industry saw the rise and fall of many manufacturers of seatbelts, Beam’s has remained due to the superior quality of their products. During the 1970’s Beam’s began helping with mission work in Sweden and the Philippines along with dealing with nationally recognized manufacturers and mail order houses. Through the 1980’s Beam’s and Disney created a relationship along with many van conversion companies, school bus manufacturers, heavy truck and agricultural companies to improve safety. After several buyout offers during the 1990’s Beam’s stayed true to its goal of creating an employee and customer experience like no other. Beam’s entered the amusement and military sectors along with becoming involved with the Center for Autism HOPE Worldwide, Infant Crisis Services and CSO. Through the turn of the century and the future Beam’s has made a commitment to lead the way in lean manufacturing flexibility, a terrific employee culture, and diverse application engineering product knowledge.

Our Specialty

Beam's Industries is known as the leader in seatbelts for new or retrofitted vehicles. They have the knowledge, skill and capability to manufacture seatbelts that will keep the passenger safe in the event of a crash. It's nice to know that your safety is their top priority.

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