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Battery Tray
Battery Tray
Battery Box
Battery Box

Battery trays and battery boxes, are used in vehicles,in order to secure and protect the battery, from moving around and being damaged. Battery tray's are usually simple metal or plastic trays which bolt to the frame of the car. Battery tray's are most commonly used under the hood in a vehicle because of the close proximity to the components that need to be powered by the battery. A battery tray can allow for easy access to the battery and the terminals when you need to charge or replace it. The battery tray or battery box will also catch any acid that is leaking from the battery to keep it from getting on nearby engine components and damaging them. A battery tray is usually coupled with a strap or bar which is connected to the tray to help hold the battery in a secure position.

Battery boxes are also usually made out of polypropylene plastic which is corrosion and rust resistant or metal. These boxes protect the battery from any elements that they may be subject to under the hood or anywhere else that it is located in the vehicle. Dirty batteries which have been exposed to things such as mud will not last nearly as long as a battery that is protected inside a case. Most battery boxes come with an external vent tube so that vapors can escape. Batteries are also required in some racing classes to be put in a different location in the vehicle for safety reasons. Having a battery box or tray will ensure that it is mounted properly and secure wherever you decide to put it. A battery box will also encase any leak that the battery may have.

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