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Battery Terminals
Battery Terminals

Battery terminals and ends, are electrical contacts, which are used,in order to connect a load or charger, to a single cell, or multiple-cell battery. Automotive batteries use one of three battery terminals or ends, which the battery cables connect to. The most common of the three battery terminals or ends, is the SAE post, which consists of two lead posts which are shaped as a cone and located at the top of the battery. The SAE terminal is often confused with the JIS terminal which was prevalent in old Japanese cars and features the same shape but a smaller side. The second of the popular terminals that we see on batteries is the side post terminal. This side post terminal consists of two recessed 3/8” threads which bolts or battery terminal adapters can be attached to. The third popular terminal is the L-shape terminal which is commonly used in motorcycles and European automobiles. This terminal has an L-shaped post with a bolt hole through the vertical side. Battery terminals or ends, are usually made out of molded lead and should be cleaned off regularly with a battery post brush to keep corrosion from building up. This corrosion is usually seen as a white ashy deposit that is the cause of chemical exchanges involving vapors and the battery post.

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