Battery Relocation Kits

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Battery Relocation Kit
Battery Relocation Kit

Battery relocation kits are designed so that the battery and its components can be moved to a different location, in the vehicle. Battery relocation kits are available complete with wires, screws, mounts, a case. Battery relocation kits are used a lot in racing, because it allows for the weight of the battery to be moved to the back of the car, where it provides more traction for the rear tires, and improves handling. Moving the battery, with a battery relocation kit, can also be done to make a car safer, in case of a hard front impact. Battery relocation kits are available with a sealed battery box, with an external vent tube. This case will contain any spills, and it will keep the battery safe from any elements, which could potentially decrease the batteries life. These cases that the battery sits in, are often bolted to the frame,in order to keep them from shifting, while driving. Battery relocation kits also allow for easy access to the battery , when it needs to be replaced or charged.

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