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Battery Charger
Battery Charger

A battery charger charges a vehicle's battery,and informs the driver if the battery is low or needs replacement. An automotive battery charger is designed for 6 and 12 volt batteries because that is the size batteries most commonly used in automobiles. Batteries work by transferring energy from an external power source such as a wall jack and using it to charge the battery. The battery charger transfers energy using a set of negative and positive cables which connect to the vehicles battery using clamps. After turning on the battery charger, it will start charging the battery and allow you to see how long it has left on a screen or a gauge.

Newer battery charger's are also designed to detect problems such as broken cells which mean that a battery is dead and needs replaced. These new battery charger's are also designed to stop charging when the battery is full to prevent over charging which will reduce the batteries life. Battery charger's which can charge a battery in a short period of time and then turn itself off without intervention are called IUoU chargers. IUoU chargers are commonly called three step charger's and are the newest and most efficient method to charging a lead acid battery in a short amount of time. There is also another charging method called trickle charging which is designed to compensate for the self discharge of the battery. When trickle charging a battery, the rate that it charges the battery varies depending on the frequency of discharge from the vehicles battery. Using trickle charging on a battery is not useful on batteries which are susceptible to damage from overcharging. Many emergency backup battery systems use a float charge which is most commonly used with lead acid batteries. Float chargers work by keeping the batteries voltage at a constant rate just under the batteries voltage limit.

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