Battery Cables

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Battery Cables
Battery Cables

Battery cables are used in vehicles, in order to connect the battery terminal to the starter. There is also another cable that is connected from the battery to the ground. Battery cables are usually made out of copper and are flexible so that they can connect to the battery no matter where it is positioned. These cables are wrapped in PVC insulation which helps keep the electricity from exiting the cable if it is rubbed against another metal object. This PVC coating is capable of temperatures ranging from -40 deg. F to 176 deg. F which is another reason they make a good insulation on the copper cable. The battery cables are connected to the terminal on the battery which is made out of casted lead. The terminal on the battery is usually universal to fit all kinds of battery cables. These cables come in either red or black. Red stands for the positive connection which is what goes to the starter, and black is for the negative end which is grounded. Today, battery cables have become thicker because the advent of power seats, stereo systems, air conditioning, and power windows. All these electrical devices put a strain on the electrical system and the battery that it is all connected to.

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