Automatic Transmission Valve Body Kit

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Automatic Transmission Valve Kit
Automatic Transmission Valve Kit

An automatic transmission valve body kit, is a type of shift kit,used for an automatic transmission. An automatic transmission shift kit is used to improve the shifting characteristics of a standard-stock transmission. Some valve body kits can be installed without removing the transmission from the vehicle, if this is done, plenty of clearance is needed in order for a person to be able to get under the vehicle, and work on the transmission. A major advantage to installing an automatic transmission shift kit, is that it is an inexpensive and quick way to improve vehicle acceleration, without doing major modifications to the engine.

An automatic transmission valve body kit is more advanced than a regular shift kit, because it may require drilling of the valve body, along with changing springs or check balls. When doing a modification like this, it is important to follow the directions and to be precise. If an error is made to the valve body, there could be extensive damage to the transmission.

It is important to note that the shift feel, and performance gains, depend on many variables such as vehicle weight, tire diameter, differential ratio, engine torque, and converter stall speed.

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