Automatic Transmission Overhaul Kit

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Automatic Transmission Overhaul Kit
Automatic Transmission Overhaul Kit

An automatic transmission overhaul kit, is a kit used to rebuild or overhaul an automatic transmission. There are many types of kits available, for different jobs, and all kits are specific to the transmission, in the vehicle. There are no universal kits. Kits are available,in order to restore a transmission to its original operation, as well as, turn a transmission into a high performance unit. A typical overhaul kit contains many pieces,which are used in the transmission;and it is not uncommon for an overhaul kit to not have instructions available. Therefore,it is common to have a professional perform this type of maintenance.

  • A standard kit includes most of the following items. Not all vehicles require the same parts.
    • Bands
    • Friction Plates / Clutch Packs
    • Paper and rubber kits
    • Sealing rings
    • Seals
    • Filters
    • Modulators
    • Washers
    • Bushings
    • Drain Plug Kit

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