Automatic Transmission Coolers

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Automatic Transmission Cooler
Automatic Transmission Cooler

Automatic transmission coolers, keep an automatic transmission at an optimal operating temperature, of 175 to 200 degrees Fahrenheit. This is achieved by installing a cooler,in front of the radiator and air conditioning condensor, in the engine compartment. A space is required to be placed between the units, of half to one inch. This space allows for air flow, and prevents the units from touching each other, which could damage one of the units.

An automatic transmission generates a lot of heat, especially when the vehicle is towing, driving in stop and go traffic, or fully loaded. The heat generated reduces the effectiveness of the transmission fluid, which is designed to lubricate all the parts of a transmission, as well as transfer the engine's revolutions through the torque converter. If the heat is not reduced, the transmission can eventually fail, the torque converter will not have enough fluid to transfer the power through the transmission, seals can harden, plates can begin to slip, and seals and clutch packs, can wear out, causing a total loss of power. By using a transmission cooler, the risk of transmission failure is reduced.

A typical transmission cooler operates much like a radiator. Hot fluid is sent through lines, to the transmission cooler. Once it enters the transmission cooler, the fluid travels through a pipe surrounded by thin fins, which dissipate the heat. As the fluid travels through the pipe, the outside air cools the fluid, this cooled fluid then exits the transmission cooler, and returns to the transmission. This cycle is continuous, and can extend the life of transmission fluid, and the transmission.

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