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About Us

Easy Life Products was founded in 2006 Chris Passage. Born in 1973, Chris always had an inventive mind and while attending Rochester Institute of Technology he had the idea of the Arm-Restler. While driving his Chevy S-10 Blazer on the New York State Highway to and from college, Chris would rest his arm upon the hard plastic window ledge and realized there must be a better solution. Years later as an Engineer for a medical device company, Chris decided to see his idea through and started a company so his idea could be shared with people who have a similar issue while driving.

Our Specialty

Easy Life Products specializes in creating and producing innovative products to help make their consumers lives easier. The Arm-Restler is the solution for millions of drivers who would prefer a wider, softer and more comfortable place to rest their elbow rather than their vehicle’s hard plastic factory window ledge.

Our Products

The Arm-Restler uses a special patent pending design that allows it to fit universally and adjust to any desired position.

Where to Buy

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