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Automotive Alternator Bracket
Automotive Alternator Bracket

Alternator brackets are used on vehicles,in order to hold the alternator in place. These brackets come in a variety of different sizes and shapes which allows for mounting of the alternator in many different locations and positions in the engine compartment. Having a high quality alternator bracket will help handle high torque and vibrations of a running engine without the chance of breaking or coming loose. Buying new brackets is usually a must when upgrading the alternator in a vehicle. Having the proper alternator bracket will eliminate clearance issues with other components in the engine compartment such as a belt. Alternator brackets are usually purchased in kits. These kits are made up of the bracket, washers, and screws which are all needed to mount the bracket correctly.

Another common practice for replacing the alternator bracket is to help dress up the engine. These brackets usually come in a chrome or black finish which is great for matching the finish on other components on the engine. Alternator brackets are normally powdercoated to add durability and to also eliminate the hassle of polishing in difficult to reach places. Most alternator brackets are made using aluminum or steel to provide a strong mounting point for the alternator.

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