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About Us

1919 - Foundation of “Rheinisches Aluminiumwerk” by Max Albrecht sen. in rented rooms in Krefeld, registered in Krefeld under number A 402. This company was dealing with the production and worldwide distribution of aluminium-made household products and cooking utensils for large-scale kitchens.

1921 - Removal into own factory and office premises at Kochstraße 56 in Krefeld.

1950 - First production of automotive accessories, wheel covers for buses – original equipment - and car accessories made of aluminium.

1959 - Foundation of "Leichtmetall-Auto-Zubehör Walter H.S. Albrecht" by Siegfried Albrecht. This company took over the production and worldwide distribution of car accessories from the company "Rheinisches Aluminiumwerk Max Albrecht".

1967 - Production of the first plastic wheel cover as only manufacturer worldwide and presentation at the International Motor-Show in Frankfurt.

1982 - Conversion of the company "Leichtmetall-Auto-Zubehör Walter H.S. Albrecht" from private company to limited liability company with limited partnership (GmbH & Co. KG).

1999 - Taking over the shares of the company "Albrecht" by a group of investors consisting of 4 partners.

2000 - Conversion and renaming of the limited liability company with limited partnership (GmbH & Co. KG) to Albrecht Auto-Zubehör GmbH (limited liability company).

2001 - Taking over the shares to 50% each by Egon Nelles and Bernhard Kummer and increase of original capital to 500.000 DM.

2005 - Capital conversion and increase to € 260.000 to 1st January.

2009 - Taking over the shares to 100% by Bernhard Kummer.

2010 - Retirement of Mr. Nelles from the company Albrecht Auto-Zubehör GmbH.

2012 - Expansion of business activities on the American market.

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