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Gauges & Accessories- Air Pressure Gauge
Gauges & Accessories- Air Pressure Gauge

The air pressure gauge is designed to measure the pressure within tires on all types of vehicles. If not regulated, tires that are not at the appropriate pressure will use more fuel, causing lower miles per gallon. Also, if the air pressure is not regulated, there is an increased chance of unexpected and premature tire failure, as well as lower tire tread life expectancy. The best time to use the air pressure gauge is when the vehicle has not yet been driven for the day. When driving, the tires heat up and the internal pressure of the tire changes due to the expansion of the gasses within the tire, therefore recording a higher psi reading when the tires are hot. Generally, most air pressure gauges should record a reading around 32 psi, so a 0 to 60 psi gauge is usually sufficient. The general rule of thumb, is that an air pressure gauge that has the ability to read double what the inflation pressure is,should be used. New air pressure gauges should be accurate within +/- 3 psi, but to ensure accuracy it is important to regularly compare the gauge readings to another. Air pressure gauges are affected by altitude, temperature, humidity, and can be easily damaged if dropped or hit against another object. To ensure that the gauge is kept accurate it is essential that the gauge is stored safely.

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