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Automotive Air Filter Housing
Automotive Air Filter Housing

Air filter housings are available in many shapes and sizes,in order to support many types of air filters. Air filter housings are designed to protect the filter from things such as dirt and water. It also helps secure the filter to keep it from coming loose when subjected to the vibrations of the engine or from high winds. There are two types of commonly used air filter housings in most vehicles.

The first type of housing which we commonly see in modern vehicles is fuel injected housings. This air filter housing is usually seen as a plastic container with tubing coming off the side. An air filter housing is usually kept closed using thumb clips which can be removed in seconds. These clips allow for easy access to the air filter inside the housing which makes switching filters fast and convenient. The enclosed housing allows for a vacuum of air to be created around the filter which enhances performance. Fuel injected housings use a tube which runs from the filter in the housing, to the intake manifold. Tubes are needed because the filter housing doesn’t sit directly over the intake.

The second type of air filter housing is for carbureted engines which are seen more in older vehicles. Carbureted engines usually use circular filters with a hole in the middle for the clean air to pass down through and into the carburetor which it sits on. This type of filter housing usually sits on a circular metal plate, with another flat circular metal plate being placed on top of the filter were it is held down by a nut. This type of filter housing allows for a lot of air to flow through the filter were it is all sent into the carburetor and mixed with the fuel.

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