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Automotive Air Filters
Automotive Air Filters

Most modern vehicles use one air filter for the engine, and another filter for the cabin. Vehicle air filters are typically made from paper, cotton, or foam. Some of these filters are washable and reusable to ensure you always have a clean filter. Washable and reusable air filters will also save you a lot of money when getting your vehicle maintenance.

Engine air filters are an essential part to keeping an engine running efficiently and keeping particles from entering the engines cylinders. Keeping particles in the air out of the cylinders of an engine will help prevent mechanical wear inside the engine and oil contamination. This filter is usually located in a plastic box in the engine compartment which protects it from things such as leaves, water, and dirt. Air is sent through the filter were it exits through tubes which lead to the intake manifold. Some high performance filters won’t use a box to encase the filter which will help provide maximum air flow. These filters with no protection from the harsh elements in the engine compartment usually have to be replaced more often.

Vehicles that are carbureted or use throttle body fuel injection will typically have the air filter mounted directly on top of the carburetor. The filter is usually between 6 and 16 inches in diameter and comes in many different heights. The filter is most commonly mounted on a metal or plastic disc that directs the air flow into the carburetor. On top of the filter another disc is placed on the filter to keep debris out, this is often secured with a wing nut on a post mounted to the carburetor.

Engine air filters can come in many shapes and sizes depending on what type of vehicle you have and what brand filter you buy. The shape and size of an air filter can control the amount of air which is allowed through it. Better air flow can increase your vehicles performance which is why air filters are one of the most commonly upgraded aftermarket parts. More air entering the engine will increase the efficiency of the combustion process which helps create more horsepower and torque while increasing fuel mileage.

The passenger cabin of your vehicle may also use an air filter to clean the air. This filter is typically a pleated paper filter that is placed in the outside air intake. These filters are usually rectangular and similar in shape to the combustion air filter used on the engine. Some passenger cabin air filters can be custom shapes which allow them to fit in small spaces. This filter is often overlooked when it needs to be changed because it is a relatively new addition to automobiles. A cabin filter that needs to be changed will reduce air flow through the vents and allow particles into the cabin.

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